Get Everything You Need in One Place by Using Search Tools Chrome Extensions

Chrome store has numerous extensions for each user and you can find tools that can help to optimize your search and browsing experience. Each of these tools has several features to offer and it is up to you which one you will give consideration to. Listed here are three of the search tool Chrome extensions to check out and see for yourself which one you can use when you search online.

Include Chrome extension in your browser and get the latest news every time you open a new tab. You will be redirected to the SERP where you can search for related topics using the search box or simply click a category that you are interested in. Your search is strengthened because you are provided with high-value organic search results for each category that matches your query. Take advantage of a new way to quickly and easily get results that you need.


Similar to the first search tool, when the RunQuestRun Chrome extension is added to your browser, also redirects you to the website when you open a new tab. However, there are added features and alternatives, such as Y Search and News search for news searching, Search Nearby for finding different places from a certain point, Currency Converter, Wikipedia Search, Weather, and Translator. When you do your search, you now have additional content to check out apart from those that the usual categories will yield.

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CoolSearches New Tab

CoolSearches New Tab is another similar search tool and it is the more improved version of the two mentioned above. When you open a new tab, you will notice additional features as well as more design options and instant access to different content categories. How about you take advantage of Bookmarks, Notes, and Shortcuts to make your search a lot easier, faster, and more meaningful. Most users would recognize that this is more engaging because of its colors while providing an easier and more fun experience.

These Chrome extensions that you can use as search tools are ideal for people who are always on the go because they give real-time news and updates on what is happening around you. You could be one of these users and you should take advantage of these tools that will let you maximize the new tab alternative. Paid advertising is a trend these days and others experience a shot to the moon when obtaining organic search results.

Also, there are many other organic search engines that you can find aside from the major search engines that everyone knows. However, you will also get the advantage when you use these Chrome extensions not only because they are easily accessible. You know you can optimize your search when you have the right tools and these are what you need to add in your browser.

It is easier and faster to do your online research because you can get high quality and relevant search results without having to open additional tabs or browsers. You don’t have to go through the agony of tabs that lag or perhaps browsers that crash. Working on your system becomes easier and faster because you have the option to lessen its load. Focus more on what should be done to complete them in no time.

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